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KJO articlepic 1The Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill Experience

What's the summer buzz in Bulls Supply country? It's all about "grilling kamado style", and we have the grills and accessories to make you the sharpest backyard cook in town.

Take the Kamado Joe ceramic grill for example.  The grill's unique shape allows better heat circulation, and the ceramic structure allows you to cook with less heat. The full accessory line for each grill allows you to cook just about anything.

An ancient, Asian-style grill, the kamado is a thick-walled cooker that imparts rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish and vegetables. Relatively unchanged for centuries, air flows through the grill’s ceramic body and out its vented dome, chunk charcoal comes to life as smoke and heat. Kamado Joe is proud to draw on that tradition, modernizing the grill’s classic style with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a range of flexible cooking surfaces.

Simple to configure and cook on and easy to clean, all aspects of the Kamado Joe were developed to make sure every grilling experience is as fun and rewarding as it can be. We also sell parts for the grills we stock.

Great grilling and smoking comes down to one simple measure of success: flavor.Kamado Joe’s mouth-watering, smoke-infused and crowd-pleasing results never disappoint.

Here at Bull’s Supply, we are a certified distributor of Kamado Joe grills and accessories. So you also have the peace of mind knowing that Bull's Supply Company, LLC sells parts for the grills we stock.  Call us today and continue to enjoy backyard cooking throughout the year.

 Kamado Joe Classic II Ceramic Grill at Bull's Supply in Maryland and Pennsylvania Big Joe - Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill at Bull's Supply - Maryland and Pennsylvania Kamado Joe Standalone Ceramic Grill from Bull's Supply in Maryland and Pennsylvania  Kamado Joe JR Ceramic Grill at Bull's Supply in Maryland and Pennsylvania 
Classic II 18" Big Joe 24" Stand-Alone Joe Jr.

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